• Adam R

4 Ways to Boost Your Employees Productivity

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

75 percent of employees say they lose more than two hours of efficient work every day.

According to a recent CareerBuilder survey, 75 percent of team members say they lose more than two hours of efficient work every day. In order to understand what strengthens your employee’s performance, you need to understand what effects their productivity.

Appriciate Small and Big Wins

While big wins might be important, it's the small wins that get your team there. Celebrate the small wins of your employees and they will quickly be inspired to continue their hard work. Planning a quick gathering to celebrate an achievement has a great effect on the productivity of your employees. You need to consistently appreciate your employees’s dedication and commitment.

Build Commitment

Build your organisation’s leadership around its vision and values to ensure the engagement of your team members and their commitment. Having a competitive business plan and strong business strategies are important. A company’s culture that celebrates innovation and dedication to its vision and strategy will motivate your team members. Always recognise team members who go the extra mile and exhibit the business values.

Set Goals which are Realistic

Business goals should be realistic and attainable. If your team members think they will never be able to achieve their goals, their interest in working with commitment will vanish over time. Always ensure that your team knows their goals and that these goals are realistic in nature. In order to do that, avoid overloading one of your team member with many tasks and master the art of delegation to ensure an efficient and strong workflow. Also ensure that they are supported by providing them with the necessary resources.

Encourage Innovation

The most successful businesses are those that remain innovative and flexible. Encouraging new ideas and boosting your team members creativity will help you build an overall productive workplace. Encourage regular breaks and informal brainstorming sessions that would allow them to bring beneficial business propositions to the table. The more support you provide your employees, the more encouraged they will feel.

No matter how productive your employee is, there is always room for improvement. As a leader, you need to do things that show your employees that you care about them. Improving your employees performance requires commitment, conviction and true mentorship.