FastSpeed is Landscaping companies in Qatar
The name FastSpeed comes up time and again when you look for landscape contractors in Qatar. The reason for this phenomenon is very simple. We have accomplished state-of-the-art landscaping ventures as landscape contractors catering to different kinds of sites including hotels, hospitals, educational institutes, residential complexes, commercial areas, parks, and entertainment arenas.
Landscaping companies merged on the construction scene of Qatar because the country is not about monotonous tall buildings only. Nature attracts everyone alike thereby creating a need for landscaping contractors. FastSpeed has established a niche position among landscape companies in Qatar because we understand how to motion life activities with colors and design with an aesthetic sense.

FastSpeed has an appetite in the landscape as a holistic approach. It drives our teams to create a poised and fine-looking environment.

FastSpeed creates landscaping design because we have an eye for detail and integration of different patterns. As one of the leading landscaping companies in Qatar, we have your back at every stage. We deliver what pleases the eye according to the vocation of the allotted site.

We work ardently to deliver end-to-end landscaping services

  • From a design idea that matures into a developed reality

  • Maintenance services to keep the colors flowing

  • Fabrication and installation of hard landscape works

  • Plantation and maintenance of soft landscape works including irrigation plans

  • Design, construction, and maintenance of pools and watersheds

It enables us to introduce different hues and life into private, public and commercial domains of Qatar.

FastSpeed specializes in diversity as far as landscaping services are concerned. It enables us to gratify your needs and retain you as our valued client.

FastSpeed has sustainable and responsive customer service. It is backed by a full-time, proficient workforce that has years of experience in the landscape industry. That is why, we cater to landscaping services according to the requirement including new installations, renovations, and maintenance. Our systematic approach backed by experience enables us to ensure landscaping services with consistency. We offer value-based landscaping services no matter what your budget is.

As a landscaping contractor in Qatar, we partner with landowners, developers and contractors, and design professionals. This co-operation helps us strive to make our client’s image an actuality.

Why choose FastSpeed over all the other landscaping companies in Qatar?

Because we offer a wide range of landscaping services in Qatar. Some of them include:

  • Design and renovation

  • Landscape management including soft and hard one (turf replacement and installation, dethatching, overseeding, mulch installation)

  • Wetlands management

  • Arbor care

  • Drainage system installation

  • Hardscape maintenance

  • Property enhancements

  • Irrigation services

  • Installation of timber structures

  • Landscape lighting and street lights

  • Playgrounds and golf course construction

  • Outdoor furniture and litter bins

  • Handrails

  • Tree grating

  • Swimming pools

Trusted Manpower Supply

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Flexible Contracts

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Health And Safety

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Our supervisors and the team are trained to the industry standard and there by contribute to a zero harm work place